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The time frame for each project varies based on various conditions including the complexity of the project, the number of models, and shipping times (both receiving and returning the models).

In general we strive for a 6 to 8 week turn-around with the countdown starting the day we begin working on the project (the begin date may not always be the date we receive the models).

Unless we are swamped the turn-around time is usually on the lower end and is typically less than 6 weeks.
on 07/31/2015
If you want to change a color scheme after you have booked a commission this can easily be done so long as we are contacted asap and have not started yet. In the event we have already started there may be a slight fee for re-doing any current work to accommodate the changes. If the new paint changes are more complex than the initial quote a price adjustment might be in order.

Rule of thumb would be if you want to make changes contact us sooner rather than later, the sooner the better because the sooner we know what you want to change the sooner we can plan for that and the less likely there might be any fees/charges.
on 07/31/2015
Simply contact us about a quote and we are add on the additional models you’d like painted and charge accordingly. In this case we’d charge 50% plus the cost of models immediately and then upon the completion of the initial project and the added models we will send a final invoice covering the remaining balances for both.
on 07/31/2015
There is no straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the above scenarios. Paint manufacturers often have consistency issues and sometimes their batches of paints have subtle differences in colors.

If you’ve painted something yourself or had work done through another studio the easiest way for us to attempt to color match the work is to a) get a list of the paints used (name and manufacturer) and b) to ship us a reference model with your project that we can use as a visual aid (the model will be returned with your completed project).
on 08/03/2015
A lot goes into commission painting that also goes beyond simply the labor put into the work. Materials such as paints, tools, lighting, work space, and other bills also have an impact on why we charge what we do. While the costs may come as a shock we are confident in our work and we pride ourselves in providing additional value to our customers through superior customer service and punctuality.

It is worth noting that AMPServices is a small business and that by doing business with us you are helping small business owners put food on their tables and keep rooves over their heads.
on 08/03/2015
If you have not received a reply please contact us again. Sometimes quote requests slip through the cracks. Additional be sure that you filled in the ‘e-mail address’ category correctly as well. Often times we get quotes that have e-mail addresses that are not valid and we have no way of contacting the potential client.
on 08/03/2015

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