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If we have not begun working on your project we will issue a refund of 80% of your initial deposit (not accounting for shipping fees or costs of materials). The amount that is not refunded covers our logistical costs and the time we have scheduled for your project. A cancellation puts a strain on our time-line and forces us to schedule/re-schedule other clients.

You will be responsible for any shipping fees associated with shipping models back to you that we have not started working on.

If we have already started working on your project depending on how far along we are the refunded amount may be less (or nothing at all if we are near completion).
on 08/03/2015
We would prefer that the payment be as punctual as possible once an invoice is received (any delay in payment for services rendered puts a strain on us financially as well, after all this is how we make a living).

From the date of the final invoice you will have 30 days to make payment. If after 30 days you have not contacted us about your circumstances or made payment we reserve the option to re-sell your project to compensate for the loss in income. In the event this happens you will NOT receive any refund whatsoever, the work has been done.

Re-selling a project is the LAST resort and we would prefer not to have to go down that road, if you have some circumstances that may delay payment contact us and we will try to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial.
on 08/03/2015
We would prefer to do all that we can to help accommodate getting you your finished project. This will be addressed on a per case basis but options would likely be some form of a payment plan.
on 08/03/2015
We can split the payments up on a per case basis to accommodate pursuing a commission project.

We will not begin working on a project though until at least 50% of the painting/assembly portion has been paid in addition to any material costs that are associated with said project.

Note: If you split the payments up you should still consider when you’d like us to start your project, if you pay the 50% and 2 weeks later we finish the project but it is going to be another 2 months before you can pay (or something similar to this example) for the finished work you might consider postponing the start date.
on 08/03/2015
Once a final price has been confirmed we will issue an invoice for 50% of the total painting/assembly portion of the commission up front with any material costs and/or shipping charges added on. IE: If you want us to paint 10 Space Marines for you but you also want us to order the kit ourselves the first invoice would be ‘50% cost of painting/assembly’ + ‘cost of models’ = ‘first invoice.’

Upon completion a second invoice for the remaining 50% of the total painting/assembly charges plus return shipping will be sent.

Projects will NOT be shipped out until the final payment is made.
on 08/03/2015
We use PayPal exclusively. Even if you do not use PayPal we can still send you an invoice to your email address and you can use your debit or credit card to make a payment.

Using money orders or checks is not the safest way to exchange funds and we’ve found PayPal to be a safe way to pay for goods and services (in addition to you, the client, have a safety net with PayPal as well).
on 08/03/2015

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