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"The Armed Painter's" Ultramarines: Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron
The very first miniature I owned for table top wargaming was a Space Marine Dreadnought, that was in 2010. Since then I've bolstered my personal miniatures collection and I fell in love with the Blue and Gold look of the Ultramarines. I will continue to add highlights of my Ultramarine miniatures as I find time to paint more of my own projects.

Of all of the Space Marine armor (tanks anyways) Vindicators have to be in my top two favorite miniatures. It is a toss up between this aggressive looking figure and the Blood Angels Baal Predator (which also looks pretty stout). Rules wise the Vindicator might not always be effective on the table top battlefield but it looks awesome and in the lore it is an absolute monster. It is for those reasons that I decided to add a trio to my collection, rule of cool trumps win-at-all-cost any day in my book.

I hope you enjoy the images! Be sure to check out the rest of my portfolio and keep an eye out for more of my Ultramarines army to come!

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