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Had him paint my warcaster, "The Harbinger of Menoth," couldn't be happier with the results. He was able to paint it incredibly quickly as well. Would highly recommend.
Date of Posting: 22 February 2017
Posted By: Brooks Westmoreland
Justin provided a excellent quality of service in a quick manner. I am looking forward to the next project that we can put together. If you have a chance to use his services you should take it... You won't be disappointed.
Date of Posting: 10 September 2016
Posted By: Glenn
I decided to place an order with justin after seeing his tau painted. I asked for a blue paint scheme for my necrin destroyers and overLord. What I got back was absolutely beautiful the over lord looked like he walked out of an icy tomb ready to cleanse planets. The detail was so much better then I expected. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Date of Posting: 04 July 2016
Posted By: Nathan
21/22 saves successful, North carolina
I was very hesitant to first find a commission painter. I checked website after website looked all over different forums and asked my local friends who they would think of going through. I saw how well Justin painted the 30k Salamanders for Miniwargaming and I decided to give him a shot(best decision I could have made). As soon as Justin and I began talking about the army I wanted commissioned my (Tau with two large forge world pieces) I could tell he truly loves this hobby and he started helping me fine tune my army and brought up a lot of amazing ideas for how to bring the army to an even better level than I had oringinally imiagined. he stayed in contact throughout the entire commission had lots of great progress shots and the finished product was just amazing.

If you are like me and on the fence about getting a commission done send a message to Justin and let your mind go at ease you couldn't be in better hands.
Date of Posting: 03 July 2016
Posted By: Alexander Ambrose
Satisfied Tau customer
I build and paint models of various sorts as a hobby. A friend, seeing one of my models, once asked if it was my profession. It isn't, but I do have an eye for detail. What Justin of AMP Services received from me was a gray plastic figure. What he created was a piece of art that is hands-down professional grade, worthy of being in official manuals and source books. The detail and effects are simply amazing. Such fine detail work on a space marine figure can't be easy, but if you can imagine it, I think he can paint it. Games Workshop, hire him! ;)
Date of Posting: 01 July 2016
Posted By: Greg R.
Hobbiest Modeler, MI, USA
AMP services and Justin are great to work with. He is a superior painter that takes immense pride in the detail he pays to his work and making sure that his clients are satisfied with every job, regardless of whether it is a single model or an entire army of miniatures. His prices reflect his eye for detail and professional thoroughness. His works are professionally done and to the customer's (like myself) satisfaction. He is both willing to work on models to look like a replica of what you see in one of the official game books, or as original as the client's imagination is willing to go. AMP services is who I would go to for sound professional, high quality custom paint jobs for my model warlords and characters.
Date of Posting: 30 June 2016
Posted By: Jerry W.
An avid long term roleplayer and wargamer, N.C. , USA
This guy is awesome. Love the detail he does to every model. He cares for his customers and makes sure they are happy. I highly recommend getting your models painted by Justin.
Date of Posting: 26 September 2015
Posted By: Kenny

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